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Български за чужденци

BULGARIAN FOR FOREIGNERS – MAIN INFO offers Bulgarian language courses especially designed for people who have just arrived to Bulgaria and have never studied the language before or have some command of Bulgarian.
The course allows people to get familiar with Bulgarian and provides practical information on restaurants, administrative places and places of interest.
The main focus is on mastering the basics as soon as possible so that you can order food in a restaurant, call a taxi, buy food from street markets, ask and answer simple questions and read and write Cyrillic.
We provide education online and there’s no need to attend a course out of your home.
Here’s what you get when you sign up for our intensive Bulgarian language course at [email protected] :

  1. First of all you should do the Placement test. You may find it by clicking the button
    „Тестове” on the Main menu. Then choose “Bulgarian for Foreigners” from the falling
    menu and do the test. After finding your results you may call [email protected] for
    further information.
  2. The table below shows how these three levels of Bulgarian for foreigners, The Basics,
    Intermediate and Proficiency, are broken down into the actual CEFR levels. The general
    description is actually what you will be able to do after completing a level. To master a
    level completely, most students need between 80 and 90 hours of practice.

If you have never studied Bulgarian before there’s no need to fill the test. Just call us

Prices for online courses for A1 and A2 levels