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Bulgarian for Foreigners тест

Bulgarian for Foreigners quiz

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Placement test:
This test will score your recent knowledge of Bulgarian and will help you and us to find the proper
level for your coming education and the best methodic and materials to you.
Please mark all the words that you know. You can receive the results soon after filling the quest on
our site and you also can see the results on the e-mail you’ve registered at the beginning of the test.
For more information please contact us at [email protected]

1. осем
2. тогава
3. никой
4. здрав
5. очарователен
6. дреха
7. украшение
8. околна среда
9. кашлица
10. минавам покрай
11. дъждовен
12. светлина
13. Здравей!
14. двайсет и две
15. днес
16. давам
17. вкусвам
18. посока
19. вторник
20. приблизително
21. никога
22. злополука
23. нося
24. краят на седмицата
(събота и неделя)
25. пакет
26. грешка
27. отзад
28. улица
29. гръб
30. котка
31. обслужване
32. повтарям
33. дом
34. What do you do?
35. Colleague
36. Meet my friend Assen!
37. Как си? (do)
38. My name is Philip. I am Bulgarian.
39. Откъде си ?
40. Момичетат до прозореца са рускини.
41. Филип е свободен... следобед
42 Студентите са свободни сега, нали?
43. Време е за обяд, нали?
44. Judy, we’ve got a new place!
45. Is it a house or a flat?
46. I haven’t got much time.
47. I’m afraid that...
48. ... it’s rather far from the city centre.
49. central heating
50. running hot water
51. even so
52 What about you?
53. I will be back ... at eleven.
54. I’d like to see you.
55. She wasn’t at home the whole evening.
56. Where was George on Sanday?
57. I’ll stay for a month.
58. I’m here on a study trip.
59. Where are you going to stay?
60. If you have nothing to declare...
61. Who does it belong to?
62. nowhere around
63. Did everything go okay at the Customs?
64. Has Philip got any cigarettes with him?
65. Do you usually carry much luggage?
66. Philip is going to England on a study trip.

(Who? Where?)
67.He is going to stay in England for a month.
(How long? Where?)
68. He will stay with a friend of his for a couple of days.
(How long? Who ... with?)
69. He is at Heathrow Airport just now.
70. He has got two bottles of spirits in his luggage.
(How many?)